Whittons will provide valuations for all your property. If you wish to sell any of your belongings, we can suggest a value based on our specialist market knowledge. We encourage everyone to contact us even to provide an opinion as to the value of any items you may find whilst clearing out an attic or outbuilding, for example. Very often it is assumed that something is worthless when in fact it may have value, so before everything gets boxed up and disposed of, we are happy to take a look to advise accordingly. A home visit may be necessary for this purpose, but please call our office on 01404 517000 to assess your individual needs and to arrange an appointment. We will then arrange for the sale of any items you wish to sell through our auctions.

We also work closely alongside a specialist team of consultants who are on hand to assist in the sensitive area of trusts, probate and inheritance tax planning to prepare detailed valuation reports which comply with all HMRC requirements. Our Estates and Valuation department offers a bespoke service tailored specifically to the needs of each individual client, liaising with solicitors and executors accordingly at every step of the way. We can accommodate the storage of valuable belongings following the demise of a loved one, at short notice during this difficult time, and arrange the clearance of all items from the property until they can be sold or dispersed as appropriate. We also provide detailed valuation certificates for individual valuable items which can be used for insurance purposes, showing the current market values. We will then diarise to contact you annually to arrange a reappraisal ensuring that the value of your items remains up to date.