You can register to bid by completing the online form below. Registration will only be complete once we have confirmed your identity in person. A bidding number will only then be assigned to you.

    1. WHITTONS will endeavour to purchase lots for which they are asked to bid at the lowest possible price.
    2. If other bids are received for the same item, it will be at the Auctioneer's discretion to increase my bid to one bid above the other bidders' maximum bid(s).
    3. WHITTONS will not be held liable for wrong lot numbers being entered on this form.

    Clients are required to provide photographic proof of identification such as Passport, Driving Licence, or ID card, together with proof of address, such as utility bill, bank or credit card statement. If purchases are to be made for or on behalf of a Limited Company, then company registration documents must be provided, and if anyone other than the Company directors are required to bid on behalf of that Company, then written authorisation from them must be provided or the bids may be refused.