Buying and selling at auction is not as difficult as you might expect. Attending an auction can be a very exciting and entertaining experience, especially if you have never been before, and this is still the traditional way to buy at auction. It is a good way of seeing other bidders in the room, and comparing the competition against you, but if you wish to be competely anonymous, you can also bid online, leave a commission bid, or even arrange for one of us to call you a few lots before the lot you wish to bid on, and bid at the telephone, as if you were actually in the room. Whichever method you choose, you must have looked at that item carefully before the item is sold, and assessed its condition yourself. The item will be sold as per the description in the catalogue, but you will be responsible for viewing the item prior to bidding on it, as you will not be able to return the item if you do not like it. When bidding, it is essential that you make the Auctioneer fully aware that you are actually bidding; waving your hand will usually suffice, but calling out may be necessary. Once the Auctioneer has your full attention, you may then only need to nod or shake your head to alert him of your intentions, but whichever method you use is entirely up to you, because it will be your responsibility to ensure your bid is not missed. Provided you have registered your details by completing a registration bidding form and been given a bidding number, you will be able to bid, and at the “fall of the hammer”, which is when the Auctioneer brings an end to bidding, and you are the final bidder, he will ask you for your bidding number to confirm the sale. If you wish to bid by telephone, you must “book a telephone bid” by 9am on the morning of the sale, for the particular lot you are interested in. The person who calls you a few lots before the item you want will take your instruction at the telephone, and act on your behalf as if you were bidding yourself. We will not accept telephone bids for items with a catalogue estimate of less than £250.00 however, so you will need to bid another way if you wish to do this, such as leaving a commission bid, where you advise us the maximum amount you are prepared to pay, and the Auctioneer will endeavour to bid on your behalf up to that amount. You can also bid online via which means you can bid from wherever you are as the auction is taking place, provided you have registered there too. There will be an extra 3% charged to your final bill for using this service.


If you wish to sell something at auction, you will firstly need to bring the item into the saleroom or give us a call to arrange an appointment for us to come and see it. We will then give you our expert opinion as to the value of that item, and advise you as to the price you might expect that item to achieve at auction. If you agree with our opinion, we will ask you to sign an “entry form” which we will complete with a brief description of the item, the minimum price that you wish to sell that item for, and the commission charges you should expect to pay on it. If you need us to arrange transportation of the item to the saleroom, we can also organise this for you, at your expense. The item will then be entered in to a sale, photographed, and advertised on our website, and if the Auctioneer considers that any special advertising applies to your item, he will discuss this with you, and advertise more extensively if appropriate. You will be advised when your item will be sold so that you can attend the auction if you wish to see it sold, but it is forbidden for you to bid on your own items with the intention of making someone pay more for them, and the Auctioneer will not sell that lot. If you have attended the sale, you will know if your lot has sold or not, but if not, the results of all our sales will be posted on our website the following day. You may call the saleroom after 4pm on the day of the sale if you prefer, or we will let you know by email the next day. We will then aim to send all our vendors a cheque within 28 days of the sale date for the net amount achieved, provided that the purchaser has paid us in full by then. Please refer to our conditions of sale for further information.